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Friends of Point Pelee provide guided birding hikes throughout the Festival
of Birds at Point Pelee National Park of Canada. Proceeds from hikes support
the Friends of Point Pelee and Point Pelee National Park. This submitted
report is a service of the FoPP Hike Leaders.

May 10, 2009

A few new migrants were noted in the Park, even as the winds became from the
north late last evening. Many of the same pockets of birds were reported
from similar areas to yesterday. Probably close to 20 species of Warbler are
still in the Park.

At the tip, no sign of the California Gull reported yesterday, but 5
Willetwere standing on the stubby Point left after the heavy
Westerlies of

At the tip an Orange-crowned Warbler and a Brewster’s Warbler (Hybrid) were

A Hooded Warbler was reported from the East side near the Sparrow Field.

On a walk from the Loop Woods north along the Post Woods seasonal
trail, a Red-headed
Woodpecker was reported.

But once again the best birding was in Tilden and on the Woodland Nature

On Shuster’s Trail on the way to the Tilden Trail a very co-operative Canada
Warbler danced in the bushes. As we stood there watching it, a Yellow-throated
Vireo vied for attention of the birders, as did a Black-throated Blue.
Later, a first year Summer Tanager was reported from that spot. It then flew
into Tilden Woods but as of writing, had not been re-found.

A Peregrine Falcon was seen at the East side, at the end of Shuster Trail.

On the Chinquapin Trail to the north of Tilden a Blue-winged Warbler
and a Hooded
Warbler were reported.

The Woodland Nature Trail held the interest of many birders. Bay-breasted, Cape
May, Parula, Canada Warblers were all reported on the East side of the trail
between the bridges over the sloughs. The male Prothonotary was also
reported at the south-east corner.

As usual for Pelee a number of White-eyed Vireo are being found throughout
the Park.

On the way into the Park, someone spotted a N. Mockingbird about 300 metres
north of the Park on Pelee Drive.

Though not mentioned before, it should be noted that Black Terns have been
seen over the last while at the Marsh Boardwalk.

Good Birding,

Hike Leaders Pete, Karl, Dave, Justin, Todd and Marianne


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