[Ontbirds] Cattle Egret in Hamilton: Eastport Drive

Stephen Cheesman Stephen.cheesman at geosoft.com
Mon May 18 14:07:35 EDT 2009

This morning (Monday) at 9:45pm I stopped next to the second island off Eastport Drive going East from Lakeshore (the island next to the bare island with the blue scarecrow) to see if I could see the Ruddy Turnstones seen the day before. They were gone, but I immediately saw small white heron-like bird and saw immediately from the characteristic hunched posture and pale orange patches on its head, chest and back, and salmon-coloured bill that it was a cattle egret. It was perched just off the ground on the left side of the left-most tree, otherwise occupied by cormorants.
This was a first for me in Ontario, but I've seen them countless times before in the U.S., as recently as the beginning of the month in Florida.
I watched for about 10 minutes, waiting for another birder to show (without success), then headed off as I was doing my own "big day". About 30 minutes later I met up with Dave Don, who had followed soon behind me but didn't see it, and we returned to the spot, but the bird was gone.
Do keep an eye out for it, for it may just have wandered around the back of the island, or to one of the other islands, or be in the general area.
Stephen Cheesman

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