[Ontbirds] Cape May, Blackpoll and more, Ganatchio Trail, Windsor

Kelly M kelly.morrissey at cogeco.ca
Mon May 18 14:28:35 EDT 2009

A singing, actively foraging Cape May Warbler was right off the 
Ganatchio Trail in Windsor when I arrived at noon. It was still there 
when I left at 2:00 p.m. I was birding the area across from Sand Point 
where there is some playground equipment and a sign announcing the 
Carolinian Arboretum. Just a few paces south of that sign is some 
playground equipment and behind that is a grouping of 3 tall conifers, 
one (slash?) pine and two ?  The Cape May was sticking to the two other 
conifers, singing and giving great views.

Continuing along the Little River extension there are willows and other 
deciduous trees, where I found Blackpoll, Palm, and Chestnut-sided 
within my first 10 minutes looking. Imagine what it must have been like 
at dawn!

This park can be accessed from Riverside Drive and you can park in the 
Sand Point Beach parking lot.

Good birding,

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