[Ontbirds] Whimbrels at Col. Samuel Smith Park today

Wayne Renaud waynerenaud1951 at aol.com
Fri May 22 20:30:00 EDT 2009

The TOC Whimbrel watch today produced a total of about 400 hundred  
Whimbrels, the largest flock of 110 at 7:15 this evening.   This total  
was recorded from 6:00 am to 7:30 pm. with the primary observers being  
Don Barrnett and myself.   The morning started fairly slow; the birds  
were spread out sporadically throughout the day but  with the largest  
numbers after 5:00 pm.  I think, based on past history this week-end  
will be even better.   On average the largest movements have been in  
first 2 or 3 hours after sunrise ... which now around 6:00 am.   We  
also saw hundreds Dunlins which were passing west through the early  
part of the day and one flock of 14 Red Knots landed on one of the  
piers at 7:15 p.m.  The watch continues until 28 May, weather  
permitting.  Just to put this Whimbrel migration in perspective, this  
the only place in North America where one can reliably see such large  
numbers.  Two years ago the best day was over 3000 birds!

I suggest taking lot's of sun screen if you stay any length of time.

Good luck tomorrow and/or sunday.

The park is locate south of the intersection of Kipling and  
Lakeshore ... the parking lot a very end of Col. Samuel Smith drive.   
The is an exit off the QEW but if you miss it go to Islington then  
down to Lakeshore and turn right.

Wayne Renaud

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