[Ontbirds] Directions to flooded field Brittania Rd.

Don Perks dperks0531 at rogers.com
Fri May 22 21:02:42 EDT 2009

For those who need directions.
  Trafalgar Rd exit from 401 turn south on this road pass Derry Rd. next 
concession is Brittania Rd.turn right pass the 6th and 5th lines.(keep in 
mind Trafalgar was the 7th Line years past)Field on north side parking on 
the south side a nice wide shoulder,and it's busy.From the west try Ontario 
St. north to Brittania also signed 25 turn east on Brittania Rd pass the 3rd 
and 4th Lines and just past Omagh (traffic lights) watch for the flooded 
field on the north side.Check your speed in this area down to 60 kph.
Good luck
don perks 

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