[Ontbirds] WW and Surf Scoters - Col. Samuel Smith Park - May 22 evening

Alvo Family alvo at sympatico.ca
Sat May 23 13:56:56 EDT 2009

Around 8:30 last evening, making a quick stop on
the way home from a Birdathon in Long Point area,
we (and one other birder) saw 3 flocks of scoters.
The first two were in flight, with 32 and 4
respectively (all White Wing), and the third was
sitting on the lake. They were quite far out, but
we were able to detect at least two Surf, the
others being WW. 


Also at the park, we had a male first year
juvenile Orchard Oriole, a N. Waterthrush, and two
Egrets - a nice final bird for our count. 



Directions (courtesy of Wayne Renaud):

The park is locate south of the intersection of
Kipling and  Lakeshore ... the parking lot is at
the very end of Col. Samuel Smith drive, which
runs south from that intersection. 

There is an exit off the QEW but if you miss it go
to Islington, then down to Lakeshore and turn

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