[Ontbirds] addendum to OFO Carden Trip (directions)

Dan Bone dan.bone at xplornet.com
Mon Jun 15 08:36:06 EDT 2009

Forgot to post the directions to the Carden Important Bird Area when I reported on the OFO Carden trip which took place Sunday, June 14 and which I posted earlier today, Monday, June 15.
My thanks to Norm Murr from whose reports I cribbed these directions.
Dan Bone


Wylie Road is north of Kirkfield in Victoria County and Kirkfield itself is on County Road 48 east of Highway 12 and well north of Whitby and about 130 km from Toronto if you follow the roads and not a Crow.

>From the centre of Kirkfield go north on County Road 6 passing under the Lift Lock on the Trent Canal and drive about 2 ½ km further north to where the road curves left or west. On this curve and on your right is McNamee Road, turn right here onto McNamee and drive east for about 300 yards and you will be at Wylie Road. This road is about 9 ½ km long ending at Alvar Road (a T intersection). Birding can be good on Alvar Road as well, either way.

The Sedge Wren Marsh is about 5 ½ km up Wylie Road, you can't miss it as it has the only bridge along the road. Park just to the south of and overlooking the bridge and walk the road. Birding is good all along the road and I find that the best birding happens when you park and walk both ways a km or two from your auto.

This is a narrow road with little traffic but be sure to park in such a way as to not block the road or at the gravelled parking areas that you will find at several places along the road as you don't want to rile up the locals. This is all private property but there really is no need to leave the road, nor should you. Please respect the property rights of the land owners.

Prospect Road Marsh

>From Kirkfield travel west to Prospect Road and turn south (left) on to Prospect Road. The first small wetland is not the marsh known as Prospect Marsh. The landowner here does not welcome birders and signs direct you further down the road to Prospect Marsh. There is a new parking lot a long walk from the bridge where the main action is but the walk is pleasant and productive and keeping the roads free of parked cars is good public relations. Here you can find many Marsh Wrens along with Sora, Virginia Rail, Common Moorhen, American Bittern, Least Bittern and Green Heron and watch for Osprey, Northern Harrier and Turkey Vulture. 

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