[Ontbirds] Prairie Warbler, Currie Tract near Milton

brendan o'sullivan josullivan3560 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 20 16:00:30 EDT 2009

The Prairie warbler is still at the same location at the Currie Tract today, near Milton.

The bird flew into the top of one of the isolated trees in the clearing where it has oft- times been seen and heard, and sang for about 5 minutes giving excellent views.

Exit Hwy 401 at Guelph Line, west of Milton, and go north. Watch for the sign with number 9475 on the right hand side just passed Mohawk racecourse. It appears like it is the driveway to a house but it actually takes you to the parking area and the trailhead.
    Take the trail and about halfway up the hill, having passed the little stream, take the lesser trail to the right. Continue onwards and you will come to 2 consecutive forks on the trail--go right at both despite the fact that the main trail seems to go left. Eventually you will come to the green sign with the squiggles in a forested section. As soon as you exit this section watch for the clearing on the left with a few isolated trees. This is the area the bird is frequenting. If you walk through the clearing the Hydro pole is on your left and the ladder and seat almost directly in front of you.
     Be prepared for mosquitoes.


Brendan O'Sullivan

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