[Ontbirds] Acadian Flycatcher - Bayview Village, Toronto

Karl & Kathy Konze konze at rogers.com
Wed Jun 24 18:55:58 EDT 2009

Hi all,

is likely that it will not end up breeding successfully, do not help  
ensure that this becomes a reality. Behave responsibly. Please give it  
ample space, keep quiet and move about slowly. Do not entice it out by  
broadcastings its song. To see ABA's Code of Ethics, check out the  
following link.  http://www.aba.org/about/ethics.html ***

I heard and saw an Acadian Flycatcher along Newtonbrook Creek this  
morning (6:20 - 6:40 a.m.) while conducting a breeding bird survey.  
The bird was actively singing while I was present so I suspect (?) it  
is an unmated male still looking for a female. When I visited the same  
area on June 16th I didn't hear the bird so I have no idea how long it  
has been present. Perhaps I missed it then.

To view (or hear) the bird, I strongly urge that all visitors stay on  
the public trail located on the NE side of the creek. The bird was  
present on the SW side of the creek but quite close to the creek (and  
trail) nevertheless. Do not cross the creek to get closer.

Who would have thought such a location in the heart of Toronto could  
attract this species. While the immediate habitat seems OK, the fact  
that the creek is reinforced with gabion baskets does put the  
observation in context. Please email me privately indicating if you  
saw the bird so that I can keep tabs on how long it is present. Thanks,

Karl Konze,
Guelph, Ontario

Newtonbrook Creek is located in the Bayview Village area of Toronto,  
north of Sheppard Avenue E. and between Leslie St. and Bayview Avenue.  
The creek drains SE into the east branch of the Don River. From  
Sheppard Avenue, drive north along Burbank Dr. to Forest Grove Dr. You  
will probably need to park somewhere in this vicinity. From where  
Forest Grove Dr. crosses the valley (just east of Burbank Dr.) walk SE  
along the public path for approximately 740 m. The bird was singing  
across the creek to the right. For those with GPS units, the  
coordinates are: 43.77881421 latitude and -79.3729096 longitude  
(decimal degrees). UTM coordinates in NAD83 are: 630935 E, 4848593 N.   
Of course there are other ways of accessing this location from within  
the park system. For those coming along the path from the SE  
direction, the location is about 200 m past the bridge that crosses  
the east branch of the Don River.

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