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Maureen Lee briscoedog at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 25 09:48:17 EDT 2009

Greetings: Last Friday (June 19) I reported seeing 5 Virginia Rail chicks.  I am sorry to report that once I received the photo taken by Andre Massa, the chicks were not Virginia Rails BUT 5 Sora chicks.  My binoculars missed the red around their tiny little faces (but they do move quite quickly).  Considering the number of Virginia Rails in the wetland, actually seeing little chicks from perhaps only one pair of Sora, it is really very exciting.

I just made a quick run to the Wetland, after a call from Tiny (Keith Lee) and saw two very fine looking Osprey chicks.  They appear to be around a month old and are very close in size.  They were being shielded from the sun by the adult on the nest.  Poor little beggers were panting something fierce.  Hopefully, both will survive this year.  Last year two of the three chicks ended up on the ground at the bottom of the pole.

On a frivilous note, Tiny and I agreed to call the chicks Hunter (the larger one) and Junior (for Andre Massa who sent us photos of the babies).

The Wetland will be open this Friday - 5:00 to 7:00 pm and Sunday morning 9:00 to 11:00am.

The wetland is located on the south side of County Road 64 (Prince Edward Street).


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