[Ontbirds] Turnstones at Cobourg harbour June 25

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Although it is impossible to be sure I consider these turnstones to be late
spring migrants. Our latest spring migrants at Hamilton are June 24, 1963
and three, June 28, 1965 all in high breeding plumage. We have records of
what I consider to be summering birds in nine years.  These have usually
been birds in 1st alternate plumage that lingered at local sites in late
June and early July. Our earliest fall migrants are 18 July 1975 and 23 July

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> Further to Ron and Jean's interesting post on returning shorebirds, Doug
> McRae found 2 Ruddy Turnstones on the Cobourg harbour breakwater 
> yesterday,
> June 25th. They were in bright breeding plumage and both appeared to be
> adult males.
> Margaret Bain
> Cobourg
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