[Ontbirds] Carden Alvar Birding

Jean Iron jeaniron at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 28 17:27:03 EDT 2009

The Carden Alvar, just east of Lake Simcoe, continues to be an 
excellent choice for birding in late June and early July. On Saturday 
and Sunday, Eleanor Beagan and I saw the following:

Loggerhead Shrike: 3 young and 1 adult in the pasture at McNamee Road 
and Wylie Road. Best viewing was looking north from McNamee about 200 
m east of Wylie Road.

Orchard Oriole: an adult male on Rockview Road, a first for us in Carden.

Upland Sandpiper: adults are very visible now perched on fence posts, 
small trees and shrubs as they watch over young hidden in the grass.

Clay-colored and Vesper Sparrows and a Golden-winged Warbler at the 
north end of Wylie Road near the T-junction with Alvar Road.

Sedge Wrens are singing in the wet pasture on west side of Wyle Road 
about 1/2 km north of McNamee.

Sandhill Crane along Wylie Road on Windmill Ranch just north of the cabin.

Many grassland and scrubland birds are still very vocal and easy to 
find including Brown Thrashers, Bobolinks, Grasshopper, Field and 
Savannah Sparrows, Eastern Towhees, and Eastern Meadowlarks.

Directions: to print a Carden Alvar birding map and detailed 
directions to locations such as Wylie Road

Jean Iron
Toronto ON

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