[Ontbirds] Brighton Wetlands

Keith Lee keith.lee at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 14 19:33:40 EDT 2009

First I would like to say that in the past two weekends we have had
over 25 new people come to the wetland, Photographers and birders
alike, this has been very exciting to me, not that I mind my regular
clientele but that the wetlands have been accepted by more people, I
have had a lot of fun showing off our infestation (lol) of Virginia Rails
we know we have at least 8 breading pair, not to mention all the other
ducklings, chicks and cygnets.

So far this year our furthest visitor has come from Cuba on a special visit
last week, I have photography clubs calling for tours, as well as birders
outside the normal hours, if you wish to come as a single, couple or
group please call or e-mail, I will make every effort to host or be hosted
 by fellow birder. Maureen and Rod Lee

If you like what you have seen about our wetland please let Jim Phillips or
the Mayor know that this something you want to keep going.
Jim Phillips jphillips at brighton.ca
Chris Harrington mayor at brighton.ca>

I will be open on Fridays from 5 to 7 PM and on Sundays from
9  to 11 AM, until further notice.

Cell 613-391-9142
Home 613-475-0881

Directions:  The Constructed Wetland is located at the SE corner of
Brighton.  From Hwy 401, take the Brighton exit 509 (Hwy. 30) and follow
it south into town.  Go south through the two traffic lights, over
the railway tracks and follow the main road, now called Prince Edward
Street, south.  About 1 km south of the tracks, the main road begins
to swing to the left and becomes Cty. Rd. 64.  As this long turn
ends the Constructed Wetlands appear on the right side. Look for the
Wetland viewing sign at the east end of the Wetland.
Parking is on the shoulder of the road, please do not drive in.
Thanks everyone

Keith "Tiny" Lee 

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