[Ontbirds] London Bald Eagle/Osprey

Dale Wagler djwagler at execulink.com
Sat Jul 18 11:48:02 EDT 2009

While working in my garage just now, I heard some loud screeching overhead
and came out just in time to see two large birds circling overhead. The
white head and tail against the blue sky quickly identified the larger of
the two as a Bald Eagle. The other was carrying some prey and was being
harassed by the eagle. Eventually the prey was dropped (from quite high) and
the eagle made several diving attempts to catch it. I lost track of it as it
fell behind some distant trees, but was able to identify the other bird as
an Osprey. 

They were last seen heading to the Wonderland Rd/Riverside Drive area. 

Not too many years ago, this is the kind of wildlife experience you would
expect to see only in the wilds of Alaska, yet this was in my backyard in
the middle of a big city.  


Dale Wagler

West Mile Rd. 



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