[Ontbirds] Black-throated Green Warb. and Y-B Flycatcher - Ottawa

Marc St. Onge stongey at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 19:30:51 EDT 2009

I stopped off at Fletcher Wildlife Garden in Ottawa on the way home
from work today to see if I could find the flycatchers previously
reported by Pat Blake and Rick Collins.

I didn't see the Olive-sided, but I did see the Yellow-bellied in a
group of trees on the west side of the main trail just to the west of
the big winter feeder (search 45.384963,-75.702528 in Google Maps). I
think that there were two.

I also found and followed a Black-throated Green Warbler in a tree
along the southern edge of the pond.

my terrible but slowly improving bird photos:

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