[Ontbirds] Shorebirds at Presqu'ile - sat Aug 29

Bree, David (MNR) david.bree at ontario.ca
Sat Aug 29 09:13:56 EDT 2009



I had a brief (5 minutes) look at Lookout 3 of Owen Pt Trail before
being intimidated by the approaching lightning.


Shorebirds seen 

15 Least Sandpipers

25 Semipalmated Sandpipers

4 Semipalmated Plovers

2 Spotted Sandpipers

2 Ruddy Turnstones

1 Sanderling

1 Lesser Yellowlegs


There was also a fly past of 3 Whimbrel yesterday (I. Shanahan)


So there is a nice selection present and looking at the radar map this
band of rain should pass through shortly with nothing noticeable behind.


Also as a point of clarification the algae on the shoreline on beach 4
that looked like it was raked away last Aug 21 (contrary to our beach
management plan) was actually taken away by the storm of Thursday the
20th.  Our beach management plan calls for the harrowing of the
back-beach area of Beach 4 to keep vegetation from growing up to enhance
shorebird habitat.  The crew was in to do that on the Friday.  In going
in they drove along the then bare shoreline area leaving drag marks
behind that looked like the beach shoreline had been raked.


At present the algae is starting to build back up on Beach 4 but remains
sparse.  The south natural beach towards Owen Point is still narrow -
about 2 meters wide - but is getting wider and that is where most of the
shorebirds can be seen, at Lookouts #2 and #3.  Often quite close.


Interestingly this rain has created some back beach pools all along the
beach which can be attractive to shorebirds if they stay.  It is still
too soon after the rain however to determine if they will be there
awhile or will seep away.




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