[Ontbirds] Black-throated Sparrow photos

Holden Family holden.ontbirds at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 23:02:39 EDT 2009

I thought this bird was exciting enough to post some photos online for all
to see. I have also noticed some of Alan Wormington's photos on the OFO
photo page, as well as a few of Jean Iron's images on her own website
(hopefully I'm not spoiling anything by announcing that). My own attempts
can be seen here:


Not enough good things can be said about Aaron Allensen and his hospitality
and willingness to allow dozens of birders wander onto his property to view
this stunning bird. While the thought of having crowds of birders in your
backyard may be somewhat scary, he has created a wonderful sense of joy for
all who had great looks at the bird today.

Happy Birding!

Brandon Holden

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