[Ontbirds] Kingston area birds to Sept.4, 2009

Peter & Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 4 20:03:31 EDT 2009

The very pleasant weather of late has led to ideal conditions for birding
but has not generated any mass movements nor precipitated any major
fall-outs. An excellent variety or raptors was noted this week; Am. Kestrel,
Sharp-shinned Hawk and N. Harrier on Amherst Island and 3 Red-shouldered and
a Broad-winged Hawk at Bedford Mills on the 30th. Merlins were seen on
Amherst, at Bedford Mills and at the Amherstview sewage lagoons. Four
Peregrine Falcons (probably the family from downtown Kingston) were seen
near the Queen's campus headed for Wolfe Island last Monday.

Shorebirds continue to put on a good show. There were 10 species on Amherst
last weekend including 4 Black-bellied and 10 Semipalmated Plover as well as
a single Red Knot. There was a Baird's among seven species of shorebird at
the sewage lagoons last Sunday. The number and variety in the Wilton Creek
near Morven is diminishing.

Warbler movement has picked up somewhat. Highlights were a N. Parula and a
Canada at Elginburg, a Wilson's at Camden East and 13 species at Bedford
Mills including Orange-crowned, Canada, Blackpoll, and Bay-breasted.
Philadelphia Vireos were also at Bedford Mills and Camden East.

Other noteworthy sightings were 300 Bonaparte's Gulls at the sewage lagoons
and 4500 Tree Swallows (the flock included at least 6 Chimney Swifts) on
Amherst last Sunday and a Whip-poor-will, still calling on Wednesday, at
Bedford Mills.


Peter Good

Kingston Field Naturalists

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