[Ontbirds] buff-breasted sandpipers.

Don Perks dperks0531 at rogers.com
Mon Sep 7 19:11:34 EDT 2009

  John lamey phoned me about 2 buff-breasts to-day at the Brittania mud 
pond.Also present was a white-rumped,wilson's phalarope,several 
pectorals,common snipe leasts,semipalmated sandpipers,many killdeer,solitary 
sandpiper,stilt sandpiper,baird's sandpiper and greater and lesser 
yellowlegs.While there this morning many of stese birds flew westward??
But they seem to return so there may be another area?
>From 401 south on Trafalgar turn right on Brittania Rd to the bend in the 
road and park in front of cement barriers.From Q.E.go north onBronte Rd.turn 
right on Brittania Rd going east watch the traffic lights in Omagh Watch 
speed here.
Before the bend in the road watch for the cement barriers park then walk 
northward about 2-300 meters.
Look hard for the buffsnot in the pools but on the hard packed mud where 
they have been feeding.Scope is a big help.
During the week days much heavy machinery in action I would recommend after 
the work day,.
Best of luck.
Don Perks

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