[Ontbirds] Correction: Sedge Wren at Hawk Cliff

Dave Brown thebrowns at ezlink.ca
Mon Sep 28 22:31:01 EDT 2009

Hey folks,

Just a quick note re: the discovery of the Sedge Wren at Hawk Cliff.

This bird was initially discovered and photographed on the 22nd by Francine Ouellette-Streeting and ID'd by Todd Weeks from the photographs (both visiting from Ottawa).  They were down visiting the hawkwatch and got some great shots (of both the wren and several raptors) that I'm hoping to post on the HCF website.  

My understanding is that it was then found again on the 24th by Mary Carnahan (one of our diehard volunteer counter/spotters) and observed by several other individuals. Obviously, the bird stuck around for a few days based on what I'm hearing from Mary who's always making sure to provide reports on the passerines in and around the hawkwatch site (since the rest of us raptor nuts never seem to take the time).

Good birding!

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