[Ontbirds] HSR: DRHW- Lake Erie Metropark (30 Sep 2009) 385 Raptors

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Wed Sep 30 22:09:34 EDT 2009

DRHW- Lake Erie Metropark
Brownstown, Michigan, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Sep 30, 2009

Species            Day's Count    Month Total   Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture                0              0              0
Turkey Vulture             318            746            746
Osprey                       1             43             43
Bald Eagle                   2             48             48
Northern Harrier             2             75             75
Sharp-shinned Hawk          32           1572           1572
Cooper's Hawk                6             87             87
Northern Goshawk             0              0              0
Red-shouldered Hawk          0              1              1
Broad-winged Hawk           17          19934          19934
Red-tailed Hawk              5            116            116
Rough-legged Hawk            0              0              0
Golden Eagle                 0              0              0
American Kestrel             2            305            305
Merlin                       0             22             22
Peregrine Falcon             0             14             14
Unknown Accipiter            0              0              0
Unknown Buteo                0              0              0
Unknown Falcon               0              0              0
Unknown Eagle                0              0              0
Unknown Raptor               0              0              0
Mississippi Kite             0              1              1
Swainson's Hawk              0              1              1

Total:                     385          22965          22965

Observation start time: 07:45:00 
Observation end   time: 12:45:00 
Total observation time: 5 hours

Official Counter:        Seth Cutright

Observers:        Fred Kirn, Rodney Laura, Terry Angevine

Around 9 people came to the Lake Erie Metropark count area.  Some of these
people were, Rick & Cindy from Ohio, Carlos Vargus, Sarah Toner, a very
smart young birder, Bob Reed, and Hall Hapler.

Today's weather was cold early and cooler at the Metropark then at the SGA.
 Visibility was very clear, and clouds changed a lot between the two count
areas.  100% cloud cover at the Metropark, with only about 50% or less at
the SGA.  Winds about 5-15mph and from the West-North-West.

Raptor Observations:
An OK count at both locations went on today.  Mostly Turkey Vultures were
going by.  


Non-raptor Observations:
8 American White Pelicans were seen at Pointe Mouillee SGA.  The first 7
migratory American Crows went by Lake Erie Metropark.  Lots of Northern
Rough-winged Swallows at both sites.  Also a good movement of Blue Jays
still, maybe around 1,500 were seen at the Lake Erie Metro Park site.

Weather for the start of Thursday looks to be about the same with more
North-West or West-North-West winds but lighter.  It might change to
West-South-West or South-West winds later...maybe even South or South-East.

On one hand the flight could be good early since not as much moved today
as what we thought would, and two days of rain before.  Kind of some times
the second day after rain or a front can be better then the first day.  On
the other hand could be kind of slow if the wind does change to the
South-West or South-East.  On the third hand ...if one could have three
hands... things could move right before that wind change.  Or if the
South-West or South-East winds bring warmer air up might get birds up
Report submitted by Seth Cutright (seth.cutright at gmail.com)
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