[Ontbirds] Humber Arboretum (North Etobicoke): clay coloured sparrow, warblers, and more...

Bernie Monette monette at iaai.ca
Thu Oct 1 23:04:30 EDT 2009

The last two days at the Arboretum and the valley have yielded nice results.
Namely, a couple of clay coloured sparrows, about 6 Fox sparrows, yellow
rumped, nashville, and other warblers. As well there are 6 or so Flickers, a
Cooper's Hawk, many many House Wrens, Pewees, and an Ovenbird. Oh, yes, Blue
Jays lots of them.

The Arboretum is at the back of Humber College on Humber College Blvd. Go to
the 427 and Finch, go east, and turn right on Humber College Blvd. Take your
second right onto the grounds and go around to the parking kiosk for a
permit. Then keep going to the back. In the building there (with a red door)
there are occasionally reports of recent sightings.



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