[Ontbirds] Hamilton - Niagara Feb 7th

Geoff - Birds avocet at rogers.com
Mon Feb 8 09:09:10 EST 2010

Dying to see "George" the non-Barnacle Goose at Grimsby (yes I know there was a real one!), Dave McDonald (visiting birder from Texas) and I did the cold trek to Hamilton and Niagara yesterday.

First - yes we did see George but not the real Barnacle Goose

Lift Bridge - Burlington - one Peregrine eating breakfast
Fruitland Rd.-  3 female King Eiders and White-winged and Surf Scoters
McNeilly Rd - 1 King Eider and all three scoters (including 6 Blacks)
Burlington Canal - too windy to walk out to mouth and part by lift bridge was closed due to construction
Redhill Creek- usual suspects but no Wood Duck or Night-herons

Niagara - breakwall above the falls - 1 glaucous (first winter), 1 Iceland (subadult) and two Kumlien's (adult and subadult) and one Thayer's (first winter)
Adam Beck - two Kumliens (adult and subadult) and 4-5 Icelands (various ages)
Queenston - the only Bonies of the day, one first winter Glaucous and one adult Little Gull

then we went inland looking for land birds but didn't find much worth reporting.

Geoff Carpentier

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