[Ontbirds] Fw: Ivory Gull briefly at Cherry Beach, Toronto

Paul Prior onlypnp at sympatico.ca
Mon Feb 15 18:31:53 EST 2010

Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 5:27 PM
Subject: Ivory Gull briefly at Cherry Beach, Toronto

This posting has been a little delayed since I was temporarily unsubscribed - sorry about that. As it is, Jean Iron may already have posted the sighting. If so, apologies for the repetition.

Jean Iron and I were scanning the thousands of gulls off Cherry Beach at about 3.45pm this afternoon when an adult Ivory Gull flew in from the east. The bird landed for about three minutes and then took off when ring-bills and herring gulls got spooked by something (perhaps just all the dog activity at Cherry Beach ...). Fortunately, the bird circled with the mass of gulls and then landed at the extreme eastern tip of the flock .... but only rested for about another minute before taking off - this time alone - and flying steadily west, out towards and beyond the tip of the Leslie St. Spit. Jean speculated that it may perhaps call in at Humber Bay (as happened a few years ago) or perhaps might be headed for Hamilton Harbour. So, although, checking Cherry Beach seems a little late now, it is certainly worth bearing Ivory Gull in mind when visiting points west in the next little while.

Good luck - it's a cracker!!

Cherry Beach is reached by driving south along Cherry Street until you hit Lake Ontario. To get to Cherry St, drive south off Lake Shore Blvd. on Carlaw, then turn west on Commisioners and drive west to Cherry St. (then turn south).

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