[Ontbirds] Tundra Swans and scoters...

Bernie Monette monette at iaai.ca
Tue Feb 16 20:35:02 EST 2010


We had a nice day along the western side of lake Ontario.

At the end of 50 road we saw all three Scoters with some nice views of the
Black Scoters doing their courtship flights.

At LaSalle Marina we saw the Tundra Swan. Quite a lovely bird with a wing
tag of H58. It has the yellow spots at the base of the bill and is smaller
than a Trumpeter Swan. There were lots of Trumpeters there as well who were,
well, trumpeting. We also saw the Grelag (I think) goose that has also been
hanging around the marina.

To get to 50 road go along the QEW and take exit 78. 50 Point Conservation
area is just to the right.

LasSalle Marina is along North Shore Blvd in Burlington. Take exit 97 on the
QEW and head west. Turn at LaSalle Park road.

We also went to both Humber Bays, and Cherry Beach looking for the Ivory
Gull without success.



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