[Ontbirds] Pectoral Sandpiper - Greenway Rd. S. of Grand Bend

Maris Apse apsemaris at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 23 22:14:40 EDT 2010

     At~ 6pm I saw a flock of shorebirds flying on the south side of Greenway Rd as I was heading home from Kettle Point. There are substantial 'wets' on both sides of G.R. now but the swans seem to have moved on - I counted just 24 to-night. Scoping the edge of the south side wet, I counted ~ 48 Pectoral Sandpiper(certainly the earliest date for me). There were many Pintail(mostly paired), followed by Mallard, some Green-winged Teal and a few Black Duck.

     Earlier at Kettle Point there were 5/6 Great Black-backed, 2 ad. Glaucous and a very large gull(bigger than any of the GBBG). Despite its size, I decided it was most likely a Herring/GBBG hybrid on the basis of wing pattern, which looked exactly like the shot by Bruce McTavish - P.293 - H6.1, H6.2 Peterson - Gulls of the Americas.    Maris 


Greenway Road runs east of Hwy#21 ~6 km south of Grand Bend

Kettle Point is west of Hwy#21, and can be accessed via, Army camp Rd., Ipperwash Rd or West Ipperwash Rd - the beach from WI to the point is driveable, but bumpy.       

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