[Ontbirds] Thickson's Woods May 5

M. Bain mjcbain at sympatico.ca
Wed May 5 17:06:46 EDT 2010

For no obvious weather-related reasons, Thickson's Woods in Whitby was alive
with birds all day today, Wednesday May 5th.
At least 19 species of warblers were seen, including an incandescent early
Canada, a Bay-breasted, and several Northern Parulas and Cape Mays. Scarlet
Tanagers, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Baltimore and Orchard Orioles were all
singing and seen. The centre of the woods was full of thrushes, some
lingering Hermit Thrushes, several Veerys, a couple of Wood Thrushes, and
the first Swainson's. Red-eyed and Philadelphia joined the already present
Blue-headed and Warbling Vireos (and with the Yellow-throated at Oshawa
Second Marsh that gave me a 5-vireo day). Eastern Kingbirds were flycatching
in the creek valley and Least Flycatchers were vocal. Winter Wrens were
outsinging the House Wrens, and a Carolina Wren was loudest of all.
Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Gray Catbirds mewed in the willows. A
Yellow-billed Cuckoo lurked in clifftop cedars in the early morning but was
not seen later.
No major rarities, but a great day's birding.

To reach the Thickson's Woods Nature Reserve, turn south off Hwy.401 at
Thickson Road, Exit 412, in Whitby.
Go south on Thickson Road, across the traffic lighta at Wentworth Street,
until you see the Waterfront Trail sign.
Please park on Thickson Road and enter the woods via the Waterfront Trail,
running east off Thickson Road.
The Woods themselves lie south of the Trail and the Meadow to the north -
both areas provide good birding.

Margaret Bain
mjcbain at sympatico.ca

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