[Ontbirds] Pelee Island Bird Report May 5th

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Wed May 5 21:22:01 EDT 2010

Hey Birders,


There was a noticeable increase in migrants throughout the island today. Highlights included 2 Hooded Warblers; 1 at Fish Point and 1 on Lorraine Lane (Mill Point). Other interesting species seen included firsts of the year; Bay-breasted Warbler and American Redstart among the 20 species of warblers. 


There was a pretty intense reverse migration this morning, from roughly 6-9am. 2038 birds (only passerines were counted, not counting swifts/swallows) were seen flying south, including 426 Baltimore Orioles(!), 56 Indigo Buntings, 72 Yellow Warblers and 136 American Goldfinches. 


Whip-poor Will's are regularly being heard from the Municipal Campground and along the East-West Road between the lake and Stone Road. 


Good Birding,


Ken Burrell 



Pelee Island Heritage Centre West Dock, Pelee Island, Ontario, N0R 1M0(519) 724-2291 

"pimuseum" <pimuseum at hotmail.com>

The Heritage Centre is open from 10 am - 5 pm daily. The foyer contains a 'sightings board' 
listing May bird sightings (open 24 hours). Lighthouse Point is on the NE corner of the 

island, Sheridan Point on the NW corner, Mill Point on the SE corner, and Fish Point on the 

SW corner, due south of the West Dock. 

Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO) continues its daily banding and censusoperation. 

Visitors are welcome. For more information about PIBO please visit: www.pibo.ca or call 


Pelee Island can be reached by ferry leaving Leamington several times daily. For times and 

reservations, call 1-800-661-2220. 

The Eighth Annual Pelee Island Bird Race will take place from noon Friday, May 7, to noon, 

Saturday, May 8. The Springsong Celebration continues Saturday evening with a 'Talk and 


The Bird Race is 'All-Green,' i.e. bicycle or pedestrian travel. All teams welcome! Contact 

the Heritage Centre for details.

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