[Ontbirds] Summer Tanager Thickson's Woods May 6

M. Bain mjcbain at sympatico.ca
Thu May 6 12:33:55 EDT 2010

A very vivid, moulting first spring male Summer Tanger was found in the NW
corner of Thickson's Woods by Gary Little at 10am this morning, Thursday May
6, and seen by many birders for at least 30 minutes. It is probably still in
the woods but has not been relocated recently.
The bird was on private property, in deciduous trees near the 2 sheds north
of the house at the NW corner of the woods, and eventually seemed to fly off
towards the centre of the woods. It could be seen well from the open area in
the NW corner of the woods, across the perimeter wire fence, at one time
perching in the open on the fence around the swimming pool.
The woods were much quieter than yesterday, still with a good scattering of
warblers including Canada, Cape May, Magnolia, Ovenbird etc. - about 16
species altogether. The Carolina Wren was vocal and easy to see.

To reach the Thickson's Woods Nature Reserve, turn south off Hwy.401 at
Thickson Road, Exit 412, in Whitby.
Go south on Thickson Road, across the traffic lighta at Wentworth Street,
until you see the Waterfront Trail sign.
Please park on Thickson Road and enter the woods via the Waterfront Trail,
running east off Thickson Road.
The Woods themselves lie south of the Trail and the Meadow to the north -
both areas provide good birding.

Margaret Bain
mjcbain at sympatico.ca

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