[Ontbirds] Plegadis Ibis in Windsor

Dean Ware peleeisbirder at hotmail.com
Thu May 6 18:46:57 EDT 2010

Is the White faced Ibis still in Amhurstburg? Perhaps this is the same bird you are seeing??. Keep in mind the water levels are higher due to the rain fall we have been experiencing lately and maybe it is time to move on to a better feeding location.

2 cents.


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> Subject: [Ontbirds] Plegadis Ibis in Windsor
> This afternoon, David D'Hondt reported a Glossy Ibis on Banwell Road in 
> Windsor.   At approximately 6 pm, I went out to look for the bird and 
> got to see it in binoculars and also to photograph it from a hand-held 
> digital camera.   My first impression on seeing the bird's head was that 
> this was a White-faced Ibis.   The bird has a red face, starting at its 
> eye, surrounded by a white band.   It also has a grey bill and seemingly 
> "hot-pink" legs.  
> I have some rather poor quality photos of the bird that I'd like to post 
> somewhere, just in case nobody else gets to see the bird.   If anyone 
> has a site where my photos can be posted, please send me an e-mail. 
> To repeat David's directions, the bird is on the east side of Banwell 
> Road, about 100 m north of Essex Road 42.   Banwell Road is very narrow 
> and has a ditch on each side, so the use of four-way flashers is highly 
> advised.
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