[Ontbirds] Manitoulin Birding and NO Golden-crowned Sparrow

Andrew Keaveney uofgtwitcher at msn.com
Sat May 8 13:47:28 EDT 2010

Hey Birders.


I was in Manitoulin yesterday (May 7th) for less than 24hrs of birding hoping to see the Golden-crowned Sparrow.  It has not been seen since the morning of the 6th and given my extensive search I don't have faith it will be seen and (and WILL NOT appreciate if it is!).  There were 50+ White-crowned Sparrows in this yard and 30+ at the corner down the street so I really couldn't comprehend why the bird still wasn't there... hmmrpf!  There were feather scatterings from the local cat near the feeder and apparently 4 White-crowneds had hit the window of this house and parished a day earlier.


Other birds...


Gore Bay Sewage Lagoon - 1 Redhead, 1 male Bobolink, Shoveler, Lesser Scaup, Wood Duck, Blue and Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, Lesser Yellowlegs (4).


Merlin (2) - different locales, vacinity of Gore Bay


Brewer's Blackbirds are apparently back though I saw NONE.  UPLAND SANDPIPERS (2) courting each other, calling, wing jittering, running alongside each other at the alvar corner by the Gore Bay airport.  No random sharp-tailed sightings.


West Bay at Golden-crowned Sparrow site - male Ring-necked Pheasant, 1 female Rose-breasted Grosbeak, many Purple Finches (including at least 1 female with a yellowish cast to the rump and some other feathers, similar to what is sometimes seen on House Finches, though I have never witnessed this with Purples before...?)


Also ~35 Rusty Blackbirds (males and females) sat in a tree two houses over from the site.


Other sightings I heard about...


Marbled Godwit at n.e. end of island and blue-gray gnatcatcher and orchard oriole seen a couple days earlier by residents.
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