[Ontbirds] Kapuskasing Area

Ken Burrell kenard89 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 6 17:04:53 EDT 2010

Hey Birders,


I just got home so this will be the last report from this area for me. 


Arctic Tern - 1 bird flew over myself, Matt Ross and Cheryl-anne Payette on Jue 4th, calling and flying north along the Mattagami River. 


Tern sp. - 2 birds were seen on June 4th at the far south end of the reservoir, but too far out to id. 


Great Gray Owl - another bird was found at km marker 61, roughly 8km away of the pair of Great Gray's at km 53. This third bird was seen on June 4th and 5th early in morning.


Northern Hawk-Owl - there are a pair at the Hearst Sewage Lagoons and a single bird between Hardy and Ostapolatik (sp.?)


Northern Goshawk - two different individuals were seen on June 4th and 5th


Duck sp. (Black Scoter?) - a flock of 10 birds too far out on the large reservoir were seen on June 4th. They were most likely Black Scoters.


Good Birding,

Ken Burrell


Directions: email me privately if you want to have an idea where these birds are, the road that we took north of Kapuskasing is deteriorating and I wouldn't advise people to take it. 


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