[Ontbirds] Skunks Misery OFO trip

Pete And Sue Read psread at xplornet.com
Sun Jun 6 19:48:38 EDT 2010

Hey there
The rain held off and it was actually sunny for some of the time for  
the Rob and Gavin annual Skunk's Misery trip.
Nine people joined Rob and substitute leader Pete on a breezy cool  
journey touching into some of the best areas for much sought after  
species in South-western Ontario.
We were able to hear and briefly see a couple of Hooded Warblers.
A group of very young wild turkeys were seen along the road but  
somehow they snuck away quickly through the tall verge grass.
We heard an Acadian Flycatcher but it moved off before we could find  
it and it's nest wasn't located either.
We could also hear a Cerulian Warbler but only a couple of folks saw it.
A Tufted Titmouse was more co-operative as was a Scarlet Tanager. Also  
noted were Blue-winged, Pine and Chestnut-sided Warblers, Yellow- 
throated and Red-eyed Vireo, Eastern Towhee, and lots of Indigo  
A number of other mature forest species such as Ovenbird and Pileated  
Woodpecker were also heard.
It seems this was a listening day for the most part due to the leaves  
and their wind-assisted movements and the droning of mosquitoes and  
their nasty stabs were also a bit distracting.
But all in all our target species were mostly accounted for and we  
left the Misery with satsfaction.
Pete Read for Rob

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