[Ontbirds] Acadian flycatcher

Don Perks dperks0531 at rogers.com
Sat Jun 19 14:23:50 EDT 2010

Hi all;
   Followed Dave Worthington"s directions and found both the acadian 
flycatcher and the hooded warbler this Sat morning.I heard the acadian first 
then after watching for several minutes I heard a second bird giving the ti 
ti ti ti call.This 2nd bird was lower down near the ground
.Winter wren wood thrush many opvenbirds were all singing,the hooded I heard 
north of the path but on the return it was south of the pathway.Good luck
>From 400 go west to the 7thConc.turn north or right and drive to a cul de 
sac at the end of the road.Walk in behind a large sign and continue to a wet 
area by a small creek.Quite easy to hear.Maybe they are a pair.
Don Perks

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