[Ontbirds] Black-crowned Night Heron - Riverside Marina, Windsor

Kelly M kelly.morrissey at cogeco.ca
Wed Jun 23 21:15:40 EDT 2010

   At 8:30 p.m. we observed an adult Black-crowned Night Heron fly into
   Riverside Marina with a dozen or more barn swallows in hot pursuit. The
   heron spent quite some time perched atop posts and snooping around the
   piers, presumably looking for swallow nests to raid. After about 20
   minutes, the swallows convinced it to move on.
   Kelly Morrissey and Sylvain Cote
   The marina is on Riverside Drive East at Riverdale.
   If coming from the 401, take the Manning Road exit south, follow
   Manning to Riverside;
   go west on Riverside to Riverdale. There is a lighthouse at the

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