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The pelican was still there at 6:00 today + see below for details

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The GREAT WHITE PELICAN has been seen several times during the day--Sunday,
June 27.
At 8:45am I saw it straight out from the viewing platform, literally among
the very many Great Blue Herons.
At 1:30pm Geoff Carpentier phoned to tell me he was on the platform viewing
the bird as he (the bird, that is) "popped" his head up from behind the
cattails somewhat to the west near an island.

Directions--401 Exit 419 onto Farewell, south through Bloor to Col.Sam Dr.,
east about 2.5km. towards the large GM building--just west of it, go into
the parking lot's west side overlooking the wetlands. Walk down the trail,
keeping to the right at the bottom, and walk to the platform.

Doug Lockrey, Whitby, ON
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