[Ontbirds] Black-bellied Whistling Duck – Picton Area

anthony marshall marshall0781 at yahoo.ca
Sat Jul 24 22:28:35 EDT 2010

Picton Area
This morning we drove down to see the Black-bellied Whistling Duck.  It was 
sitting directly across the closest pond on the opposite bank – it’s distinct 
orange beak plainly visible to the naked eye.   Over a period of 90 minutes 
(10:00 am – 11:30 am), numerous individuals stopped to watch this amazing 
creature sit amongst six female mallards, feed in the shallow waters with them 
and spread its wings while walking about in plain view to the delight of all 
present (one gentleman even drove up from Buffalo).
It’s well worth the drive to Picton. 
Brighton Area
Today, the Brighton Sewage lagoons “Constructed Wetland” were open to the public 
and there we had great views of 3 Common Moorehens, while walking on the trails, 
1 Ospreyand 5 female Wood Ducks. We also observed 5 large painted turtles 
sunning themselves and numerous Widow Skimmer Dragonflies, with their 
distinctive white tails and dark bands through their wings.   A big thanks to 
Keith Tiny Lee for the open house.
Tony and Joandice Marshall,
Richmond Hill
Directions as previously posted: 
From the west end of Picton at the traffic lights take Lake Street from the
LCBO and follow south (Lake Street becomes County Road 10) about 9 km to Cherry 
Valley. At the stop sign in Cherry Valley, turn left and follow C.R. 10 to 
Milford. The ponds are 10 km from the turn in Cherry Valley. Upon reaching 
Milford, turn left at the stop sign (a T or 3-way intersection), then right 
again at the post office in Milford, and continue on C.R.10 for about 2-3 km. 
The ponds are on a farm to your left on the bend of the highway just beyond and 
across from the intersection of Royal Road.
The Wetland is located at #11 - County Road 64* exactly 7.2 kilometers south on 
highway 30 at exit 509 -

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