[Ontbirds] Richmond Hill sightings

Glenn Steplock nature_photography at rogers.com
Sun Jul 25 18:57:58 EDT 2010

Some local birding in Richmond Hill....

	* Loggerhead or Northern Shrike, as I was stopped in the Canadian Tire Parking 
lot far southern laneway crossing Silver Linden Drive to the "Best Buy" parking 
lot the Shrike was in the shrubs in the Canadian Tire lot literally feet from 
the car ( I often see a similar bird from the GO train at the Leslie Station and 
at the CN CP Doncaster cross) 

	* Coopers Hawk - Major Mac and Leslie circling neighbourhoods headed towards 
Leslie and Elgin Mills
	* Osprey soaring over backyard (likely heading for the run-off ponds), Leslie 
and Major Mac
	* Black-crowned Night-Heron, likely overnights in the local Headwaters 
community Park 

Richmond Green Pond species...
	* Great Blue Heron    
	* Pectoral Sand Piper (?) no spots, Light brown with white breast (see Flickr 
link for photo) walking on the lily pads
	* Spotted Sand Piper walking the shore and lily pads
	* Mallard young with broken or deformed bill
some of the Richmond Green photos can be found here:

High Tech Road is in Richmond Hill, Bayview just north of 407, Silver Linden 
runs parallel to Bayview and is just west of Bayview off High Tech (turn left on 
High Tech)
Richmond Green Pond - North West Corner of Elgin Mills and Leslie St, Richmond 
Headwaters Community Park - Princeton and Redstone.  Princeton meets Leslie St 
at the lights in front of COSMO MUSIC.


Glenn Steplock

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