[Ontbirds] Painted Bunting (female) - Sault Ste. Marie

Mark Cranford [Ontbirds] ontbirds_coord at rogers.com
Fri Aug 6 08:14:19 EDT 2010

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Hi All,

I had an interesting and somewhat unusual bird "encounter" this morning 
(Aug 5th) at my inlaws house in Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario).

A bird collided with the window section on their front screen door and 
dropped to their deck. It wasn't a species I immediately recognized. The 
bird appeared slightly stunned after hitting the screen door but 
thankfully,it seemed alert and remained sitting upright so we left it 
alone. Within a few minutes it flew back up into the tree and then 
minutes later flew off into the school grounds across the street.

We got a great look (and some photos) as the bird was sitting only 3 
feet from the door.
The bird struck me right away as a bunting (see my notes below)...
- Bunting body shape
- Bunting size (5"-6") - I used the width of the deck boards for scale
- Overall bright green top sides with darker wings
- Bright yellow undersides from its throat to the undertail coverts
- Conspicuous yellow eye-ring
- No wingbars
- Faint green edging and small bit of white edging on wings
- Faint green edging on darkish tail feathers
- Conical bill shape - upper mandible dark...lower mandible light
- Grey legs

After a quick phone call to Ron Ridout (BSC) I sent along our photos and 
he confirmed my thoughts that it was a Female PAINTED BUNTING. (Thanks 
Ron for your input)

I'll try and get the photos posted as soon as I can.

Dave Brown
Mitchell ON

Bird was last seen headed into the Manitou Park elementary school 
grounds just off of Wiber St.

 >From downtown in the Soo heading east on Trans-Canada 17 ...turn left 
onto Adeline Ave...then left onto Anna St. and right onto Wiber St. 
School's on the left.

 >From Sudbury...headed west on Trans-Canada 17 into the Soo......turn 
right onto Adeline Ave...then left onto Anna St. and right onto Wiber 
St. School's on the left.


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