[Ontbirds] Georgian Bay Birding Aug2-6 2010

GEORGE CANTLIE cantlie at rogers.com
Sat Aug 7 12:06:22 EDT 2010

At an island located approximately 3 miles NW of Key Harbour dock 
the following birds were seen over the above period:
Bald Eagle
Pair of (very vocal) Trumpeter Swans
Black Throated Green Warbler
Magnolia Warbler
Black and White Warbler
Orange Crowned Warbler
Caspian Tern (solitary)
Common Terns (many)
In addition, a Black Bear Cub was noted swimming the nearby channel.
Mother was nowhere in sight.
Warblers were seen in a multispecied group.  Plumage of some appeared
in molt.   I had the impression they were finished breeding and gathering for migration.
George Cantlie cantlie at rogers.com
Key River Marina is on Highway 69 about 40 minutes drive north of Parry Sound. Boat then needed to travel west down Key River to Key River Harbour Dock and elsewhere on the Bay.

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