[Ontbirds] White-winged Crossbills north of Port Hope

Ben Walters vireo.olivaceus at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 13:01:53 EDT 2010

I apologize that these are likely to be findable birds but thought people
would be interested to know they are around.

This morning I had a flock of 6 white-winged crossbill flying around
overhead.  I also heard a few lapland longspurs and still many pipits and
regular siskin and purple finches flying over (this has been the case for
approximately 2 weeks now) or moving through the woods.  These were
observed on grist mill road.  To get there follow highway 35/115 from the
401 near Newcastle to Durham Regional Road 9.  Follow this  east for about
23km.  I was very close to the southern border of the Ganaraska Forest and
it is possible that they and more of them are in there.  There is a fee
to enter the ganaraska forest and passes can be purchased at the office on
cold springs camp road - directions the same as above just turn north on
cold springs camp road at about the 18km point on county road 9.

Good birding,
Ben Walters

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