[Ontbirds] HSR: Holiday Beach Conservation Area (16 Oct 2010) 1168 Raptors

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Sat Oct 16 19:10:46 EDT 2010

Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Daily Raptor Counts: Oct 16, 2010

Species            Day's Count    Month Total   Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Turkey Vulture            1099          24720          25800
Osprey                       0             20            128
Bald Eagle                   0             32            129
Northern Harrier             8            195            532
Sharp-shinned Hawk          26           3049           8664
Cooper's Hawk                5            252            352
Northern Goshawk             0              4              4
Red-shouldered Hawk          8            140            141
Broad-winged Hawk            0            650          16132
Red-tailed Hawk             17            568            756
Rough-legged Hawk            0              3              3
Golden Eagle                 0              0              0
American Kestrel             1            325           1426
Merlin                       0             21             94
Peregrine Falcon             1             20             45
Unknown Accipiter            0              1              2
Unknown Buteo                3              8             11
Unknown Eagle                0              0              0
Unknown Falcon               0              0              0
Unknown Raptor               0              2              2
Mississippi Kite             0              0              1

Total:                    1168          30010          54222

Observation start time: 07:00:00 
Observation end   time: 15:00:00 
Total observation time: 8 hours

Official Counter:        Todd Pepper

Observers:        Larry Ludwicki

Jim, Paula, and Bob from Cleveland hung in all day and added extra eyes
while I was focused on the long distance. Paula was very good at picking up
the specks of pepper in the sky that were TV's. Larry Ludwicki kept an eye
out for Sharpies and other species over the tower. Three other birders from
the greater Detroit area of Michigan (sorry I forgot to bring the visiter
sheet home with me to include their names and Cities in this report) were
very helpful as well, although 2 of the local Osprey and 2 of the resident
juvenile bald eagles were also keeping them entertained.  

Sunny, clear, warm with high of 19.6C, winds started out of WNW, shifting
to W, SW, and then S by end of count period.

Raptor Observations:
1,168 individuals of 8 species. TV's were dominant at 1099 birds all flying
way off to the north some times beyond the range of a 20X scope view.
Sharpies started early along the lake and totalled 26 birds, while
Red-shouldered and Red-tailed Hawks mingled in with the kettles of TV's. 

Non-raptor Observations:
2 Common Loons flew north to south early in the morning. Small flocks of
Killdeer flew all day - saw 38 but more were heard. There were also 4
Greater Yellowlegs (the 10 day resident bird was not there today) and a
Wilson's Snipe. Getting late were 3 Chimney Swift, 1 Ruby-throated
Hummingbird, 1 Monarch and a number of Black Saddlebags. One murder of Am.
Crows totalling 253 birds flew over early and that was it for the day. Jays
totalled 490. Signs of the northern irruption with 8 Purple Finch and at
least a dozen Black-capped Chickadee.

Forecast is very good with NW winds all day between 10 - 20 km/hr, 8 - 16C,
and sunny. Many kettles of TV's were noted between Amherstburg and
Leamington at the end of the day that should be queued up to fly on Sunday.
The first Golden Eagles are being seen to the east, so it could be our
Report submitted by Todd Pepper (tandjpepper at cogeco.ca)
Holiday Beach Migration Observatory information may be found at:

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