[Ontbirds] Lesser Black-backed, possible Thayer's at Cobourg Harbour

Scott McKinlay smckinlay59 at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 3 20:47:18 EST 2011

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) and again today (3:30) I found a single adult plumage lesser black-backed gull on the ice shelf on the west side of the main pier in Cobourg harbour.  It was amongst ring-billed and herring gulls and a few greater black-backed gulls.  It was slightly larger and much darker than the ring-billed gulls and much smaller than the herring gulls.  It had yellow legs, heavy streaking on the head and a red gonydeal spot.
In the same group was a herring sized gull (marginally smaller) with the same mantle colour as the herring gulls, but with darker grey primary tips instead of black.   It had a heavily streaked head and pink legs.  I'm not greatly skilled with gulls, so if someone could confirm it as Thayer's (or something else) that would be great.
Yesterday aftenoon (4:20) there was also a first year white-winged gull.  It appeared to be a glaucous as it was similar or slightly larger than the herring gulls.  I could not relocate that gull today.
Follow division street from the 401 straight down to the pier.

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