[Ontbirds] Results of the Carden Alvar CBC

ROBERT BOWLES rbowles at rogers.com
Tue Jan 4 16:08:03 EST 2011

The 13th annual Carden Alvar Christmas Bird Count was held on Sunday, January 2, 2011. There were 16 field observers and 8 feeder watchers recording species of birds and mammals in the count circle which is centered on Cameron Ranch and includes all of Carden Township to Sebright, Uphill, Corsons, west of Balsalm Lake, Bolsover and parts of Simcoe County. Seven teams reported 40 bird species and 3664 individuals. They also reported 8 mammal species and 132 individuals. 
New bird species for the count were a Brown Thrasher and a Northern Hawk Owl. New high counts were set for Bohemian Waxwings (728) and Cedar Waxwings (48). One Gray Jay was reported. This species was missed last year but there has been a family in the Carden area now more several years of up to four birds. There now appears to be only a single bird left. I have never seen as many Bohemian Waxwings in one day in this area up until the count this year. My team saw up to seven flocks of about 50-60 birds. They were observed flying down to eat the berries from the low Common Juniper bushes. Common Redpoll numbers have increase in the last two weeks in the area and the count recorded 300 Common Redpolls and 5 Hoary Redpolls. Also recorded were 128 Evening Grosbeaks and 13 Pine Siskins. Pine Grosbeaks were not recorded for the count.
A Fisher was the only new mammal species recorded and a new high was set with 28 gray phase Eastern Gray Squirrels. Black phase Eastern Gray Squirrels usually outnumber grey phases at a ratio of 8/1 but not this year. Also of interest were 3 Eastern Chipmunks which are usually not recorded on this count. One cutworm moth (noctuid) caterpillar was recorded on the count, a Large Yellow Underwing.
Thanks to members of the Carden Field Naturalists for organizing the food for the pot-luck dinner held after the count.
Bob Bowles
P.S. – The Northern Hawk Owl and Brown Thrasher are still in the area for a winter list.  

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