[Ontbirds] Spotted Towhee still at Monarch Landing, Port Burwell

Kathryn Boothby kmboothby at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 16 16:14:20 EST 2011

The Spotted-Towhee is still lingering at Monarch Landing, Port Burwell as
seen between 2 and 3:15 pm this afternoon (Sunday, Jan 16th) by myself and a
number of other birders including two from St. Thomas and one from
In addition, there were the following birds: a male and a female Eastern
Towhee, plus seven Rusty Blackbirds wading in the stream and scratching
about under a feeder along with many smaller birds.
The location of the birds is about 500 metres east of the main building at
Monarch Landing. There is a hanging hexagram feeder, and a suet basket at
the location. 
Directions (per prev posting about this bird): 
Monarch Landing is located 1 mile east of Port Burwell on the old lake
Rd.(#142). Port Burwell is at the southern terminus of Highway 19(Vienna
Rd.) take the Ingersol, Tillsonburg exit at 401, south to Tillsonburg., and
south to Port Burwell. Proceed east on old lakeshore road(#142). Go past
Monarch Landing,(Road sign on the right of the road) about 1000 feet, to the
yellow caution tape. A small stream goes under the road. 

There is yellow caution tape is on the south side of the road between two
young sumacs, about 5 feet off the ground. 

Please park beside the road - it is not well travelled - and stay beside the
road to view the birds, do not go down into the stream valley.

From: Kathryn Boothby, Fairnorth Farm, Houghton Township, Norfolk County, ON

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