[Ontbirds] American crows in Ottawa

Mary Hurley mhurley46 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 15:15:23 EST 2011

Hoping this is not breaking the rules:  Further to Steven Price's posting, I
believe the thousands of crows he observed on January 14 could have been
"staging" in the area described prior to settling for the night  in the
thick woodlot along Coronation Road, which runs parallel to Industrial and
one block north  in  Alta Vista.  Crows flock to that area from all points
of the compass beginning at approximately 1500, and reach multiples of the
5000 number mentioned by dark.  I've observed that the pattern undergoes a
number of variations over the winter months, but this does seem to be the
principal resting point at the moment after all the flocking to and from
various treed areas of Alta Vista.  The silence when the birds are flying to
their destination is indeed remarkable.  It gets broken once the birds land,
but not by as many birds as one might expect.  There are many different
calls, and occasional crescendos when hundreds of birds simultaneously fly
up, mill about and land near their original spot.  There is a good deal of
milling about.

Directions:  Take the 417 east to Innes Road exit, head west along Innes
past Saint-Laurent, when it becomes Industrial, continue along Industrial to
Russell, left on Russell and right on Coronation.  Stand of trees is at the
far end of Coronation on the left hand side.

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