[Ontbirds] Spotted-Towhee, Eastern-Towhee, Rusty Blackbirds-YES-Monarch Landing-Port Burwell

Aaron Allensen bjbird9 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 21 16:12:08 EST 2011

          To inform those possibly planning on a weekend outing to try for these birds they have been seen every day this week, at or very near the same spot as previously posted. 
          Thirty -three species have been reported to me seen here this week, along or above the road nearby.Including the above and difficult to find winter species like chipping sparrow, field sparrow and white-crowned sparrow.

        If you come please park along the road just to the east of where the stream goes under the road as the Towhees often fly low across the road from the north to south and back following the watercourse.
       Thank you. Good birding ,  Aa( ron)
Port Burwell is located at the southern terminus of Hiway 19,(Vienna Rd.)South from the Ingersol-Tillsonburg exit of the 401. Monarch Landing is about 1 mile east of town along the lake rd,(#142). The spot for the Towhees is about 500 meters east of the main laneway,(mailbox #55751).
      For more details of the exact location of the birds please see the original post, 15/01/2011.



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