[Ontbirds] More York Region Birds

RON FLEMING flemingron at rogers.com
Wed Feb 2 12:40:37 EST 2011

After recently posting that only one Snowy Owl has shown up in York Region this 
winter, here is an update: Kevin Shackleton, Henry Barnett, et. al. had two 
Snowies along Ravenshoe Road in south Keswick Sunday morning while Ken Vogan and 
his wife had a third bird at the west end of Bernhardt St. (it runs west from 
Dufferin) in the Holland Marsh on Sunday afternoon.

Also of interest (at least locally): Despite deep freezes and snowstorms, a 
Carolina Wren that first showed up at Glenn Ritchie's Aurora yard on 
Halloween is still visiting his feeders three months later!  Glenn's photos show 
a healthy-looking bird who has - so far - survived a tough winter.

Ron Fleming, Newmarket

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