[Ontbirds] Gold finches and Morning Dove

Saw-whet press_on at mac.com
Thu Feb 3 13:55:31 EST 2011

Good news  at 15 Homewood Ave. (hwy. 35 north of) Lindsay

In 3 months the birds only eat about 1 Inch of seed from the tube  
feeder.  In the biter cold days of Jan. we only had squirrels came to  
feed in the mix bird bird seed feeder.

Monday the changes started with two Chicedees  a female Downy  
Woodpecker showing up.

The Gold Finches once again have return to the Niger Feeder.

Between yesterday and today they consumed over 5 inches from the  
standard Niger Feeder tube.

Some times up 30 birds feeding in and around the droppings of fallen  

The across the street they have two niger tube feeders beside bushes  
and have has seen no action for the last three weeks.

One dove showed up for  about 5 min. this morning

Robbie Preston

Kawartha Field Naturalists

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