[Ontbirds] Algonquin Park Birding Update: 3 February 2011

Ron Tozer rtozer at vianet.ca
Thu Feb 3 21:06:18 EST 2011

Fresh Pileated Woodpecker excavations in trees near the West Gate
indicate considerable activity recently. This woodpecker is common
in the hardwood forest from there east to Lake of Two Rivers but
not always easy to locate. Searching near the West Gate is likely to
be productive.

Boreal Chickadees continue to be seen with some regularity near
the entrance of Spruce Bog Boardwalk (km 42.5 on Highway 60).
They are feeding on the black sunflower seeds provided in the
parking lot and also coming to the suet on a tree to the left of the
trail just before the register box. We saw a fine photograph of one
splitting open a sunflower seed there this week. Boreal Chickadees
in Algonquin Park are rarely attracted to sunflower seed but the
scarcity of tree seeds this winter may be influencing their behaviour.

Another place to look for Boreal Chickadees is the Visitor Centre.
Some in the black spruce below the viewing deck were heard
calling on February 1.

Indicative of changing numbers of Common Redpolls were the
more than 25 that replaced last week's four individuals at the
Visitor Centre feeders. Redpolls are probably continuing to move
in their search for a better seed crop.

Good birding this week. Please let us know what you see so we
can enter your sightings in our Visitor Centre records.

Ron Tozer
Algonquin Park Naturalist (retired)
Dwight, ON

Algonquin Park is three hours north of Toronto, via Highways 400,
11 and 60. Follow the signs, which start in Toronto on Highway 400.
>From Ottawa, take Highway 17 to Renfrew, then follow Highway 60
to the park. Kilometre markers along Highway 60 in the Park go from
the West Gate (km 0) to near the East Gate (km 56). Get your park
permit and the park tabloid (with a map of birding locations mentioned
here) at the gates.
The Visitor Centre at km 43 has recent bird sightings, feeders, and
information. The centre and restaurant are open weekends from 10 am
to 4 pm. During the week, birders may be able to enter the centre by
the service entrance (far right as you face the building) to view the
feeders. Contact staff for permission.
Algonquin Park birding updates and information are available at:

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